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The Royal Phuket Yacht Club Hotel


Another giant name when it comes to Phuket resorts is the Royal Phuket Yacht Club Hotel. As the most celebrated luxurious hotel, and the very first of its kind here Thailand, this is a must visit. Plenty of notable celebrities have visited this place as it is especially majestic and very serene. The good thing about this place is its elevated location. The panorama in this place is just absolutely breathtaking. Guests will like it here from day one up to the last.

The Vijitt Resort Phuket


For the best Phuket experience, luxurious Phuket resorts are highly recommended. One of them is the The Vijitt Resort Phuket. This is a supremely relaxing haven that can be the perfect location for your tropical escapade. As one of the most reputable Phuket Villa resorts, here everything is regal, much like being in a paradise.

Patong Beach Resort


If you are looking for interesting Phuket resorts to spend your tropical holiday, the Patong Beach Resort is a great choice. It is among the most popular Thai resorts Phuket is famous for. Everywhere within the property, guests will be greeted by friendly staffs and will be able to enjoy a relaxing ambience dominated by tall palm trees and colorful tropical plants.

Getting to Beautiful Phuket


There is an airport named Phuket International Airport and it is located at north side of island and anyone could come from Bangkok as well as from any neighboring country like Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. There is are nonstop flights from Hong Kong to Phuket and this direct flight helps to improve the relationship between Hong Kong and Phuket. During high season there are also flights to Asia, Europe and Australia from Phuket. From Phuket domestic flights include angkok, Ko Samui, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. Except the airlines there are many options to travel from Phuket.

Things those are available at Phuket


Phuket is very attractive place with sand beaches, deep blue water and exciting sunset views. Eye-catching marine flora along with fauna, exotic coral reefs, and others make this place a fantastic site. There are two dive sites at Phuket; and they are Racha Noi and Racha Yai. Similan and Ko Phi Phi Islands are ideal bases for the drive trips. There are many excellent tourist activities and Snorkeling is one of those activities.

Phuket Culture


Tin deposits of the Phuket not only attracted the European buyers, but also the middlemen and labor mostly from the China. Hokkian Chinese workers and businessmen made home at Phuket and they were influenced to see the local cuisine along with culture. Thai-Chinese constitute played an important role in increasing the population of Phuket.

A History of the Phuket Province


At earlier period, Phuket is attracted by many European countries like the English, the Dutch, and the French. At a war with king’s patronage French gained, but after Siamese Revolution at 1688 they were expelled. In 1785, Phuket was attracted by the Burmese but expelled by a local force that was led by two strong sisters and they are also revered by local people even now. Two monuments were made to show respect to those heroines and every locals show respect to the monuments. At the ruling period of Rama V, Phuket was well known as southern province of tin mining.

Geographical Facts of Phuket


Phuket is surrounded with lots of mountains and all these are found at west coast from south to north. Most of the area is covered with forests, palm oil, and rubber plantations and this amount may be 50%. Main beaches are found at west coast and some are at east coast but one problem is that beaches of east coast are muddy. There are lots of beautiful islands on the Phang Nga Bay of Phuket province such as Ko Hae, Ko Bon, Ko Mai Thon, Ko Lon, Ko Racha, Ko Maphrao, and Ko Yao. Lots of coral islands are also found at Sothern part of Phuket.


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