A History of the Phuket Province

At earlier period, Phuket is attracted by many European countries like the English, the Dutch, and the French. At a war with king’s patronage French gained, but after Siamese Revolution at 1688 they were expelled. In 1785, Phuket was attracted by the Burmese but expelled by a local force that was led by two strong sisters and they are also revered by local people even now. Two monuments were made to show respect to those heroines and every locals show respect to the monuments. At the ruling period of Rama V, Phuket was well known as southern province of tin mining. Phuket was elevated to a province at 1933. Phuket is well known by many names and one name of those is Ko Thalang.

On 26th December, 2004 Tsunami destroyed the Indian Ocean and damaged the west coast with killing many people and may be more than 250. After some months, Phuket had come to its original condition and lots of tourists had started to come to visit this beautiful province; mainly at summer season. There is no sign of tsunami now at this beautiful place.