Phuket Culture

Tin deposits of the Phuket not only attracted the European buyers, but also the middlemen and labor mostly from the China. Hokkian Chinese workers and businessmen made home at Phuket and they were influenced to see the local cuisine along with culture. Thai-Chinese constitute played an important role in increasing the population of Phuket.

Most of the people of Phuket are Buddhists. A study shows that 30% people of Phuket are Muslims of the Malay descent. On the other hand, sea-gypsies are not less in amount among the population of Phuket. But most of the rural people of Phuket are Muslim and they speak a language that is very difficult to understand and even people of the other parts of Thailand can’t understand it.

People of Phuket celebrate lots of fairs and festivals and Phuket Old Town Festival is best to enjoy. During celebrating any festival, people of Phuket focus their various types of foods and they sell these foods at their stall. Islanders of the Chinese ancestry celebrate vegetation festival also. To make trouble-free New Year, they usually follow 9-day vegetarian diet. Sea gypsies also celebrate Chao Le Boat Floating and they trust this festival would bring good luck. To keep island’s yachting traditions as alive, Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is properly organized by Kata Beach Resort. Athletes from overseas are attracted by Laguna Phuket Triathlon. Phuket Travel Fair is always admired for sports events, colorful parades, and beauty competition for the tourists.