Best Resorts in Phuket 2012

Phuket is known all over the world for its summery weather and its impressive list of very beautiful beaches. If you want to spend your vacation in the sun, get some tan, and be able to laze around all day in a very warm place with lots of scenery, then Phuket is the most ideal destination you can ever think of.
Phuket resorts are known for the long stretch of fine white sand and very blue waters that just leave everyone in awe. It is true that some of the world’s best beaches are right here and it is one of the many wonders of the tropics. Here are some of the best resorts in Phuket.

Sri Panwa Phuket Phuket
Sri Panwa Phuket Phuket is some of the most loved Phuket beach resorts. Looking at the panorama, one would easily say that this is indeed one of the best resorts in Phuket Thailand. It is indeed a hidden paradise and a great place to spend your precious holiday. Here, the beach is simply breathtaking, the water is clear, and the breeze is refreshing to the senses. Nestled amidst lush greenery, it offers a very tranquil environment to all the visitors who came to the tropics to relax and have a great time. Truly, this is one cozy retreat that will welcome guests with open arms and impeccable service.

The villas here are constructed with a modern-rustic simplicity that is truly impressive. Most of the design elements used are native materials—mostly wood and indigenous plant materials made into interesting crafts. However, the framework observed is very contemporary. Because of the classiness of the place, it is a popular honeymoon resort. Some also choose this as the venue for an unforgettable beach wedding.

As expected from beach resorts in Phuket, being here is like experiencing the ultimate Thai vacation. From the food, to the tropical air, to the room décor, everything is uniquely Thai.

Aleenta Resort: The Phang Nga Resort and Spa

Among the Phuket resorts you should also check is the Aleenta Resort. This is such a very relaxing retreat that will make your holidays in the tropics truly well spent. The place is very intimate and private—more like a vacation home than anything else.

This is one of the best havens you can find here in the tropics. The boutique style makes it extremely luxurious, with some of the best accommodations you can find. Views of the Andaman Sea and the ultimate experience of the Natai Beach are what await the guests here. What makes the accommodations impressive is the perfect balance of contemporary design elements combined with the right amount of traditional accents. The ambience in the property is very unique and conducive to relaxation.

The grandest accommodations that they offer are perhaps the grand villas. With an unbelievable amount of space, elegantly decorated interiors, and all the modern amenities one expects from luxurious Phuket hotels and resorts, guests will be able to fulfill their dream vacation right here.

The pristine beauty of the Grand Villa Satis is very much ideal for intimate gatherings for family and friends. The sophisticated yet airy ambience of the structure is very impressive and will make all events more special.

For guests who would like to learn how to cook Thai dishes, they can do so right here, as this is among the known Phuket resorts that offer traditional Thai cooking classes. They also conduct yoga classes, tai chi lessons, as well as detox programs for the health buffs. Dining here is never boring as there are a number of very good restaurants that serve really good dishes. The 33Mu5 serves the best authentic Thai food that guests should definitely try.

Sea Pearl Villas Resort

When it comes to Phuket resorts worth visiting, the Sea Pearl Villas Resort is also another good choice. The Patong Beach is indeed very popular and this is one of the resorts that are just nearby. The mountains add a nice backdrop to the bright blue waters of the beach, making this place the perfect tropical retreat where one can spend a grand vacation.

The Deluxe Suite is a very good modern day room in the tropics that will surely delight the guests. With plenty of dark wood that is used in the design, the place is very Zen and grounding, perfect for one long holiday at the beach. There’s a comfortable living area, which is elegantly decorated, a spacious bed, and a modern bath for all your needs. The Jacuzzi tub allows for some private soaking, so you can relieve the tension off your aching muscles. The couches are particularly cushy—the perfect spot to read a book or have your morning coffee.

Just like most Phuket spa resorts, this is a very tranquil place where guests can heal the spirit and allow the body to rejuvenate itself. The Carissa Spa helps the guests to be able to relax fully with their impressive menu of intensive body and skin treatments that are very soothing. The ingredients they use are obtained from natural sources and are proven to heal. Visitors can get a massage, a body wrap, and an exfoliating scrub. They can also try some of their signature facial treatments that make the skin glow and look more youthful.

The Clubhouse is also open for all the guests. The fitness facilities are right here, as well as a number of recreational facilities. This is the place to kill some time and get fit. The restaurant here will definitely satisfy all your cravings. Combining great tasting dishes with sophisticated interiors and a great view, each meal is bound to be a hit. Serving the best international dishes, as well as the most popular Thai dishes, you are sure to go back for more.

Truly, Phuket is very popular. Without a doubt, the Phuket Resorts are really some of the world’s bests. Get to know more about Phuket resorts here. Spend your dream holiday right here in Phuket. Book your stay today.