(TH) Top Three Cleanest Phuket Beach Resorts

(TH) To be hailed as one of the most excellent Phuket beach resorts, certain factors must be put into consideration. There’s location, customer service, facilities, overall convenience, value for money, and cleanliness and comfort. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. What matters most for one may not hold true for another. A traveler may have a penchant for staying at the best Phuket beach resorts. Another may simply be happy staying in a more affordable accommodation. But regardless of the price, one thing remains constant for travelers: cleanliness. It’s something that just can’t be compromised. That being said, here are three of the cleanest hotels and resorts in Phuket:

Trisara Hotel
The Trisara Hotel is luxury personified. And why not? It stands in Phuket, Thailand’s most popular island destination, where other majestic hotels stand tall and proud.
To attract guests from all over the world, the hotel offers high-class facilities, superb hospitality, and almost clinical cleanliness. Being a five-star hotel, it’s normal for guests to expect everything to be spotless. Since its conception in 2004, the hotel has not failed to deliver.

Regardless of your room of choice, staying at the Trisara Hotel guarantees splendid ocean views in every twist and turn. Even in the comforts of your room, you’ll feel like the Phuket beach resorts are brought right indoors. The blue hue of the ocean is calming, the sea breeze is refreshing, and the natural beauty of the island is picture perfect. No wonder guests keep coming back to stay at the hotel.

Select from the rooms, suites, and villas offered by the hotel. The pool villas, a total of thirty-nine, are completely stunning. Prepare to have your expectations of five-star resorts in Phuket turned into reality with the Trisara Hotel. The rooms are gorgeous enough themselves. With the breathtaking views of the pool peeking at you twenty-four hours a day, the experience is even made more luxurious. With the green gardens and tropical palm trees, you’ll feel one with nature.

There’s more to the Trisara Hotel than splendid accommodations. There’s also a fitness center, spa, bar, restaurant, salon, tennis court, and even a library, something you’ll be hard pressed to find in most Phuket beach resorts. This shows that the Trisara Hotel is serious in giving you everything you need to make your vacation memorable—and more!

Indigo Pearl Hotel

The Indigo Pearl Hotel, situated at the Nai Yang beach, prides itself in its ability to provide a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Ranked as one of the top resorts in Phuket, the hotel offers rooms, pool pavilions, suites, and villas for every type of traveler. Every inch of the hotel is done as if it was made for royalty, and it is. Guests are considered royalty by the hotel. It is this mind-set that consistently pushed them to deliver top-quality customer service with impressive interiors to boot. Whoever said you can’t have too much of a good thing has never set foot in the hotel.

The 177 rooms in the Indigo Pearl Hotel are a fusion of luxury and comfort. All rooms are huge, spacious, and impeccable. The interiors vary, depending on your room of choice, but all are done in good taste. You’ll always be reminded of the hotel’s five-star rank wherever you may be. Other Phuket hotels and resorts just can’t compare.

For your dining and entertainment needs, the Indigo Pearl Hotel has all that and more. You have the option to dine out at one of their restaurants or in the privacy and comforts of your hotel room. You even have the option for your cuisine: whether you’re craving for authentic Thai cuisine or some Japanese food, the hotel is sure to have that for you.

The sparkling waters of Phuket are only a short stroll away. Aside from swimming to your heart’s content, why not try the various water activities? Dive, snorkel, and go on a boating excursion, which are just some of the many things you can engage in. And if it’s good old pampering you’re after, the Indigo Spa is right there for you. With its wide array of relaxation packages, you bet you’ll be in your most relaxed ever.

Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa

Aside from being one of the top Phuket holiday resorts, the Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa also ranks consistently as one of the cleanest. The resort understands there’s more to being a five-star hotel than splendid exteriors, majestic furnishings, and a helpful staff. It has got to be extremely clean too. One second inside the resort, you’ll see right away it takes its goal to be a top holiday destination in Phuket very seriously.

All forty-five rooms of the Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa are spacious and finely furnished. Your entertainment needs are all taken care of, like a satellite television, DVD player, and minibar. The beds are all huge and wide, adorned with sheets that are of top quality. Luxury resorts in Phuket should be able to give you pleasant dreams as you retire for the night. The resort very well meets this requirement.

Another thing in the Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa’s favor is its Zense Spa. Treat yourself to some high dose of luxury by trying out any of the relaxing spa packages. The spa’s design invokes a sense of high-end pampering, and boy, does it give such treatment. Every detail counts and is done very carefully as evidenced by the impressive architecture of the spa. Treatment areas are partially open without sacrificing privacy. Each treatment rooms overlook a dazzling water view that complements the relaxing treatment you’re receiving.

For your sightseeing needs, the Old Phuket Town, Kamala Beach, and Wat Chalong are within easy reach. What’s more, because the Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa is in a prime location, transportation is never a problem, so it’s a breeze to go anywhere you want to.

Make your bookings and reservations at any of these three Phuket beach resorts here. You might want to book early as these resorts are highly popular among travelers.