(TH) Phuket Thailand Resorts You Must See

(TH) Phuket Thailand is known to be a famous tourist destination and it is easy to see why. Phuket is rich in culture, has plenty of exotic locations, and has the best food here in the tropics. If you happen to love the beach, this is the perfect place to go to. This is a great place to spend a true tropical vacation.
With so many Thai resorts Phuket to choose from, you need not worry about finding the perfect place to stay. For the best Phuket resorts, here are some of the ones you should definitely see.
Sala Phuket Resort and Spa
The Sala Phuket Resort and Spa is an ideal retreat for tourists as it is secluded and has the most stunning beach themed structure you will ever see. The Garden Pool Villa offers a really good ambience for those who are here in the tropics to relax. The villa has classy interiors and is done in good taste. The bedrooms are very nice and cozy, with muted neutral color schemes that are very pleasing to the eyes. A stay here will definitely rejuvenate the soul. The round soup-bowl shaped tub is very unique and is a roomy tub for your comfortable soaking. The resort offers reliable internet connection for your browsing needs as well.

For some much needed pampering, there’s the spa where guests can try some invigorating herbal baths and soothing massage treatments. Like in most Phuket resorts, the treatments here are very effective with the use of all natural ingredients. The ambience at the spa is very relaxing, to help guests recharge their batteries.

Dusit Thani Laguna Hotel

This stunning retreat that features one of the best Phuket beaches is highly recommended. The bright blue waters surrounded by the finest white sand are very tranquil and soothing to the senses. The Dusit brand is associated with a very high level of luxury so this is among the best luxury Phuket resorts. For a great view of the Laguna lagoon, guests can try the Deluxe Laguna View King. With a reliable internet connection, its own private balcony where one can admire the view, and a very comfortable bed, this is a delightful tropical haven that will make your stay really special.

For a more spacious home away from home, you can try some of their villas. Their Laguna Pool Villa is among the very famous Phuket resorts villas. This is simply gorgeous. Guests will definitely love this as it is sophisticated and very elegant. This has an infinity pool, a roomy second floor, and a very modern kitchen. This also features a high speed internet connection for easier browsing. The view from here is simply amazing and is something you’d love to go back to.

The Kee Resort and Spa
The Kee is among the trendiest Phuket resorts and something you should watch out for. This is an outstanding place for those who would like to have a tranquil vacation here in Phuket Thailand. The Kee is a very modern complex, with simple lines, lots of glass, and plenty of solid colors to create a different kind of tropical ambience. This is a stunning vacation spot that guests from all over the world will surely love.

The Seaview Suite is particularly interesting as it features unobstructed views of the sea—-the blue waters plus the pure pristine foamy sand. There are trees everywhere which add to the relaxation mode. Here, guests can soak in the tub while admiring the panorama of the beach. When it comes to accommodations, this is among the Phuket 5 star resorts that offer contemporary rooms. This is a nice break from the more traditional island theme rooms offered in most Thai resorts Phuket.

Dining is something guests can look forward while here. The Kee Kitchen serves some of the best authentic Italian dishes. This is the best place to get a freshly made pizza if you happen to be craving for some. This is also famous for its entertainment facilities so guests can enjoy while having a great meal. The ambience is great and inviting. Simply put, it’s a highly recommended place to meet up with friends. They also serve really impressive Thai dishes. If you love a taste of something exotic, try some of dishes on their Thai menu.

Sea Pearl Villas Resort

Another serene resort in Phuket Thailand is the Sea Pearl Villas Resort. This place has its own spa so guests can have a chance to enjoy some extreme pampering. There’s also a clubhouse where you can shape up and try some aquatic exercises. Like what you can expect in luxury resorts in Phuket, this is also equipped with plenty of modern facilities.

This resort is perfect for the whole family as there are plenty of things one can do while here. The naturally scenic views of the mountain are a feast for the eyes. The rooms are big and spacious, with sophisticated décor and modern amenities. The beds are well prepared, making your stay as comfortable as it can be. Their One Bedroom Deluxe Suite is a great vacation room, especially for couples who are here on their honeymoon. The place is tranquil, and like most resorts in Phuket, it is very romantic and provides a very good experience of the beach. This suite is a pristine glory, as most of the room is pure white. Dark wooden furnishings add richness to the décor. The bedroom features a round tub that is roomy so you can soak more comfortably.

This resort also has a good spa where you can avail of some lavish pampering treatments. Avail of their exotic massages or try some of their nourishing facial treatments. Here you can bask in aromatherapy treatments and allow your body to luxuriate in the healing powers of plant extracts that are naturally derived. Sea Pearl also boasts some of the best restaurants. Dine in style with the posh ambience of its restaurants and treat yourself to some authentic Thai dishes and a host of other international favorites.