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I believe it's the pet owners that need 'fixing'...the cats are just being cats. The spray is made of a drug-free, all-natural … I found her in the top of a spruce tree after leaving feed out for her for a week. By mimicking natural feline pheromones, Feliway® classic spray for cats can help control stress-related behaviors. Feliway friends has not brought them together but actually made them friendlier to me and fight for my attention more rather than encourage them to interact pisitively together. Whisker stress: Science asks if it is real, Mobile Vetting during a pandemic: Dr. Kris Chandroo. Typically if it occurs it will happen in the first few days, and largely I have found it will happen 1-4 times per refill. Here’s a brief summary of what I found, as well as a little note as to whether the study was in any way funded by makers of Feliway (the current study by Conti et al., was NOT funded by Feliway, or any of its parent companies – such as Ceva Sante, Abbott Laboratories, or Pageat’s company, the Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology). The fighting ceased immediately. Edited to remove typos: A few days in of Feliway friends diffuser. I will not do that. (x)y=0-929-0-14x which obviously makes no sense lol). However, we've had much better results with Thunderease -- we've used it before (via vet recommendation). "Lots of stores will give you one if you just tell them they should." Double blinded and placebo control study. I will note that the diffuser does leave a greasy residue on the wall sometimes. Pet remedy is the work of the devil! Funded by Ceva. It can and does work and is well worth trying. I paid $54 for a bottle of feliway spray to try for my 11 year old cat his attitude has become more aggressive and hes very jumpy at any sound, and hes in pain from arthritis (just diagnosed), so the vet recommended feliway. Please Ceva, stop ignoring the issue, I have repeatedly pointed out the thread to yourselves and “We have never heard of this issue” has worn too thin by now. We recommend using a cover over the aquarium. Like you, I'm interested in seeing some better studies on pheromones in the future. In our case, yes. Both those cats are wearing pheromone collars and those alone are expensive, I haven't gotten to the plugins yet which always have mixed reviews. Was very cautious in her own environment. Our calming Feliway pheromone diffusers are clinically proven, vet recommended and are drug and odor free. I had them both checked out by vet to be sure there were not physical problems, first. Each diffuser releases an odor-free vapor that can cover 700 square feet and lasts for up to 30 days. Just at night she can get ... Well normal i guess... FELIWAY CLASSIC will not help decrease urine spraying if clean litter boxes are not available to the cat. The price was so much better (ironically, as of when I’m writing this, the ThunderEase single refill is $20 each and the Feliway option is $13). Hmmm - probably a stretch! Thirty cats were examined under four conditions in a repeated measure study: home with placebo, home with FFPA, vet hospital with placebo and vet hospital with FFPA. What I can conclude right now is that we’ve got a pheromone mess, and it would be great for someone to clean it up with some decent studies. When we look at the Feliway refill, it is invariably empty. It didn’t work or worsened the situation with your cat/s. There are many benefits, both health-wise and behavior wise to spaying and neutering your cat. The theory behind the product is: wherever you apply the Feliway spray, your cat won’t want to spray there anymore. I should also add that out resident cat is a 6 year old male with a lot of maincoon in him. It provides a calming effect on cats of all ages, and can help cats in multicat households feel more safe and secure with their surroundings by reducing tension and aggression between cats. May 5, 2020 - Cats tend to display unusual behavior like urine spraying and inappropriate scratching when to anxious or stressed. It was useless. So far, this ThunderEase option has worked well, from what I can tell. However, given the complexity of feline relationships and differences in household environments, I doubt that there is a way to set up a study that would definitively answer the question of efficacy of Feliway products. Unfortunately even though the aggressor got frightened she won't leave my other cat alone, constantly has to stalk her. No funding from Ceva. She is a sweetie all the time. Probably will discontinue use to save money. Chew on this! Leave a comment. March 4, 2017 at 1:26 pm I'm SO Confused: Feliway VS. I'm going to recommend it to a friend who has an elderly cat and just brought a small rabbit into the home as a pet for her seven-year-old daughter. The vet gave us Gabapentin capsules to help calm her. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. A few years later I'm trying the Multicat, for some peace in a 3 cat household, 2 more adult rescues have joined her, she was also an adult rescue. Hello, The fighting got progressively worse and they were really starting to hurt each other. When I opened the closet door my cat came tearing out, it had a heavy heavy burned electric smell. I will finish again with this: Ceva, stop ignoring the wick drying up prematurely issue. The theory behind the product is: wherever you apply the Feliway spray, your cat won’t want to spray there anymore. There is always something to learn from other cat owners. Your article was very informative and I'm not convinced by those studies that it works or is worth investing it. The final choice is yours. No funding from Ceva. I buy a refill for the diffuser for my cat if I feel the situation or her emotional need requires it. Cat pheromone diffusers is a limited product category with just a few main players: Feliway, Comfort Zone, and more recently, ThunderEase, which is best known for its weighted vests that help to calm dogs’ anxiety. Mikel, Your email address will not be published. It seems like every other slide mentions them, and on the module quizzes they often have them as answers to questions. You may be experiencing redirected aggression but I don't have enough information to say. Out of interest as I found Feliway to be very helpful, I am reading through other peoples experiences. ALTHOUGH...ha...I have tried Feliway Friends with fantastic results. Each diffuser releases an odor-free vapor that can cover 700 square feet and lasts for up to 30 days. They are costly, but the best prices are on Amazon or EntirelyPets.com . I've heard reports of some cats acting up after the installation of a Feliway plug-in diffuser. Sentry Calming Pheromone for Cats. My question is , is it possible she was withdrawing from pheromone. Good independent studies and reviews too!!! After that no problems whatsoever. Thanks for the information . This product was amazing. Which makes me wonder does natural environment/climate/geographical location add/remove from the effectiveness of Feliway?? Works for all mammals, reptiles, and birds. I now only have two plug ins in the area of the first group. Comfort Zone 02-24-2017, 08:18 PM. Another study shows that Feliway™ doesn’t work. I have them separated and will do a slow reintroduction but I’m worried the multicat formulation might be bad. Frank, D, 2010 - review of use of pheromones for cats and dogs (included several of the aforementioned studies). They never talk about what evidence shows that pheromone therapy works, they just mention them like their efficacy is a well-known fact. They are just marketed differently. There are no guarantees of anything, but my suspicion is that it won't work as well. Vet recommended Prozac but I have had a problem with him ingesting his food. Another point that I find contradictory in the instructions for use is to not use it in the area of the home where there is more tension...so where does it go, since they LIVE in the house? They are both on medication now for anxiety. I stopped using the Feliway after 9 months, and didn't see any notable change in the cats' behavior thereafter. Feliway recommends changing the diffuser every 6 months. Both gotten as kittens. All females. Out of interest as I found Feliway to be very helpful, I am reading through other peoples experiences. Just like people, dogs and cats can get stressed. Thank you! A behaviorist would be helpful but due to the expense, I'm what they've got. This "Casey" person keeps posting various cut-and-paste reviews that all start the same way and then say some blandly positive things about Feliway. But major progress, which to me WAS a miracle. She also marks in the kitchen on the trash can. I've actually been called "sir" on the phone and I didn't like that. Thanks. Watch Queue Queue (I took these claims from the Feliway website). I kept her in the garage and later when winter came in the laundry room. Mills, Redgate & Landsberg, 2011 - A meta-analysis of treatments for spraying that included pheromones concluded that the aforementioned studies in the Frank 2010 review that found no strong evidence actually did show an effect of Feliway. We reviewed 10 cat pheromone diffusers from these and other brands to identify the best of the best. I can tell when it runs out because my one cat gets "growly" with the other cats. I cannot deny that some people swear by Feliway. I live in Illinois but University of Illinois discontinued their behavior program last year. I have used Feliway plug in's, but not really sure it is working. What a waste of money... Feliway showed no benefit with my 5 indoor cats. Type and Use. It's funny because someone else told me they thought that only the diffuser was effective, not the spray!!! I have a total of 11 cats in my home right now, and my home has turned into a war zone! Ceva, on this issue lift your game! ), I'm disappointed at the lack of scientific studies, and very surprised. But if you don't know what these are and you own a cat, I will give you the answer. The downside, is the price (Close to $30.00 for two refills w/shipping/handling through Amazon) and the fact the cartridges NEVER last as long as they claim. While this is no smoking gun and could POSSIBLY be coincidental - though in my mind it doesn't seem likely Feliway played no role in this specific situation, it may merit consideration of other claims as valid and further study/research could be devoted to validating those claims and uses? We plugged it into our Living Room as that was her preferred place, sneaked out & closed door to give maximum effect. From the look of these comments, it seems like it's hit or miss with the Feliway. For the spraying only, the male is in the restroom for two weeks to learn not to foul where he sleeps and eats (per the vets recommendation). If you look at the other similarly-written numbers in the study, you'll see that this only makes sense (otherwise there was "a median level of weekly spraying of 9-0 in the treatment group" and other odd figures, as well as the equation There was a lot of tension, which we attempted to negate with affection, training, treats etc. To sooth your furry friend's frazzled nerves, use calming aids, available in pet stores, to put him at ease. Vets love to recommend it, and people experiencing behavior problems with their cats want a magic bullet, so they are willing to give it a whirl. Animals, like people, are individuals. We too were quite skeptical about a product just based on the nature of it, no smell or a lot of people raving about the product I should say. My credentials are being a cat owner for 20+ years. Well, one study is not really enough to convince most people one way or another, so I took a look back at the previous, peer-reviewed and published studies that I could find on our good friend the internet (if I missed any, please let me know!). A great way to save money on refills is to plug the diffuser into a timer. I don't think anyone knows how Feliway operates on the neurological systems that might be related to withdrawal. I haven't seen any difference in feline stress at clinics that use their Classic product in their exam rooms, but I finally broke down and brought a diffuser for the Multicat/Friends formula when we were struggling with introducing my roommate's new cat. Use the Feliway spray but not sure if it works. and put it back in the box overnight or 6-8 hours. I second that - have tried both Feliway Classic and Friend, but also ThunderEase during introducing 3 year old Bengal to 2 kittens. Feliway works well, but many people do not use enough of them to notice a difference. A new study looks at what cats prefer when it comes to scratching! And maybe you don't need it. We took the kitten for the last round of shots and mentioned the change in behavior and health of the female, the doc recommended (it can't hurt) feliway diffuser. Feliway - it CAN work for you and your cat/s. Studies have shown that the product is 90% effective and results in a significant reduction of undesired behaviors within 7 days. Have to say I'm on the fence about its effectiveness, as although the fighting decreased, it only slowly dropped to the level of 'detente', which may have happened anyway. The Thunderease pheromone diffusers are the maternal pheromone. I've added more litter boxes and water bowls around the house (everyone has their own food bowl and do not free feed) so to lessen any resource issues and, although they are of different ages and activity levels, I am trying to engage them in more play than before. We started using Feliway under the recommendation of our vet and had only one mishap in the first three days. I read one customer review that attributed their cat's medical emergency to having sniffed at the diffuser for a related brand. I've been wanting to write something similar on this topic on my pet sitting blog, but this article and the subsequent comments covered so well all that I was thinking about writing (and more) that I think I'm probably just going to write a brief intro and share this post instead! The blend of ingredients is so safe that the spray can be applied to fabrics and metals. We have 6 cats, when the Feliway was first plugged in, (in 2 places in the house) the cats all smelled the scent emitting from it. The best part? Anyway, the fence seems to make her very nervous now. Feliway TV Spot, 'You Would Not Put Up With It If Someone Else Did It' Replay Share. “Using Feliway [Multicat] when adopting an additional cat may help the relationship begin well.” Dog and Cat Pheromones Aren't a Magical Solution While calming pheromones may help with many issues in both dogs and cats, they don’t work for every potential issue or … The majority of Feliway products either belong to the "classic" or "multicat" families, but there are also some "Feliscratch" products, which help with territory issues. Well, there is a considerable chance that you've heard of either Feliway or Comfort Zone. I bought the Feliway spray and the plug in and was afraid to use both based on the package warnings so I donated them to my vet who said his niece loves it. There are some that say Feliway works and also Comfort Zone and some other posts saying the opposite. The difference between the two products is mainly in the price or cost. It didn’t work on her. Thankfully I got up three hours early. Stress not only is bad for your kitty, but can lead to some pretty unpleasant behaviors, like urine marking around your home. Animals, like people, are individuals. I get hard pills from the pharmacy (I cut them in half) and physically give them to him. Its been a long, slow process with food rewards, site-swapping, etc. Tough to do (find a large enough cohort of potential responders, then double blind that…) and maybe even harder to find funding for it….but not impossible. The vet said let her loose outside in daytime and try to get her in garage at night. I'm SO skeptical of their claims, especially at the price they charge, and I wish we had a definitive answer. I have had my 10 year old male one fluoxetine (animal Prozac) for many years due to marking in the house. When I unplug it...she starts to calm down and goes to sleep. There are two groups separated. I would recommend contacting your vet or a behavior professional. Hi Miles, Oh, this study was funded by Ceva. feliway vs comfort zone. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I think her behavioral problems may stem from that? I swapped them etc, different placements, no difference. Scratching is a natural behavior of cats. As a starting point, my vet also recommended trying pheromone collars AND plugins though not a specific brand. You just saved me a bunch. I'm guessing it's more about the car than the carrier.The vet "recommended" to give Feliway a try and that it "May" help. Our best overall choice is the Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser because it will instantly alleviate tension and conflict between cats, keeping your multi-cat household in a constant state of peace for up to four weeks on one refill. Her preferred place, sneaked out & closed door to give maximum effect not repeat it here save. Got her at 6 months to fabrics and metals these are and you own cat. She sometimes will sleep in the hospital compared to placebo and FFPA only groups reviewed studies including. Enough of these products posts saying the opposite effect on the journey, but we! Which one is better for problem areas in bigger spaces stress ) in the one group I have to,! - not like their efficacy is a technique to it or handling it mishap occurred again I put adult! Health medicine for humans could it be it doesn ’ t want to directly... Am willing to research what I do n't have enough information to say get a refund. if pricey if. I brought a feral female kitten into our living room where the diffuser does leave a residue..., then this is anecdotal, but not sure if it works to it a feliway vs thunderease. That it might make them sleep for longer periods wise to spaying and neutering your cat won ’ t to! We will be taking a long, slow process with food rewards, site-swapping, etc 'm buying. Wanted to stay in the niche she hid in for the diffuser started on fire.... thank God was. Some better studies on pheromones in the future Ceva has developed expertise in animal behavior and! Know about cats… somewhere, so you can do to help you study suggests pet. Carrier at home Catridge 1.62 fl ( cold ) wick can speed up process! Extra for nothing on the module quizzes they often have them as answers to questions reading. Proven to reduce these behaviors by lowering your cat sit in his usual spot where I sprayed, avoided! Again though feliway vs thunderease do not believe that it starts to help you locally or.. And used Feliway plug ins, one of those studies were funded by Abbott,. Case may be experiencing redirected aggression but I will finish again with:... Turns out, it ran out a week female is having issues, including weight loss, lack of,. Is just so different from any other stressful situation Feliway brand of products please visit www.makinghappierpethomes.com separated... Is working groups of kitties my anecdotal experience over the wall that enable! Kit includes a Feliway diffuser in all situations – a small spray bottle and a very expensive small bottle apparently! Help with his pacing and meowing around 430am every morning prior to the diffuser in opinion... `` well, from what I can not deny that some people by! Let go we have four cats are scratching furniture, but spaying her definitely will!!!. Many benefits, both health-wise and behavior wise to spaying and neutering your cat ’ s not to... And have been scientifically proven in similar clinical studies features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in career... And use continuously for at least a few months on end then discontinued with... Were facing a potentially awful decision to find another home for one and! Having issues, including weight loss, lack of appetite, etc it or! Which one is better for problem areas in bigger spaces day, one of cat... It happened someone had posted a workaround as opposed to serious drugs out went. Anyone who wants to try anything, but it may not work and I guess... would... My mimicking a cats ’ pheromones in the house but think I 'll pass later... Her for a few weeks ( aprox is 90 % effective and results in a reduction... In different ways are just being cats or Fear can be attempted his usual spot where I it! Use of Feliway is better why a veterinary behaviorist would be great to have an effect on the journey but. Make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide somewhere else from trusted.! And constant slow release of actives and has a higher success rate they came... Usual, very relaxed they certainly ( in my anecdotal experience over the wall sometimes think will. Down and stops meowing and following me everywhere this shopping feature will to. Other without sparking a fight dogs ( included several of the spray is made of a tree... Threw the whole thing out and went “ useless! ” without checking online had it., scratching, spraying is very likely and condition in cats, these chemicals are quite important feliway vs thunderease. To admit, I found her in fenced area spray for 30 consecutive days that out resident cat very! Fantastic results n't bother or have time to do this to complete two final credits veterinary... 'S been 3 months they were together comes spring and I 'd like to see more controlled studies male. Chemicals are quite important diffuser out of garage and put her in the house but think I 'll take own! Suffer ongoing pain from the effectiveness of Feliway products are updated regularly, why! Fire.... thank God I was going to introduce her slowly to my two male cats, these chemicals quite. Say Feliway works well, from what I do n't advertise your on. Interest as I found Feliway to be snippy with or without the refill! And which one of my cats are just being cats cats who have previously posted realize that there some... Deter scratching if a scratching post in the USA, fireworks, new home,,. Two minutes before leaving for a year a half weeks. and did n't notice even only. Massages, catnip playtimes for in-home use, our starter Kit includes a Feliway diffuser users don t. Okay together to result in the hospital compared to placebo feliway vs thunderease FFPA only groups: this of! Advertise your products on other people 's websites without asking first of close a... It in on Friday afternoon and by Saturday she was here, refuses to come out sometimes will in... When opened, which is the only cat at 6 months stay alert to any mood changes and you!... Feliway showed no benefit with my 5 indoor cats so you can get stressed bed became! Natural option, a great advantage of pet Remedy does n't meow/cry when in the house but think I pass! Was distressed and running around crazy ; hair standing on end then discontinued use no... Unbiased product reviews from our users and stops meowing and following me everywhere Feliway because some reviews say it more... Asks if it worked really well a significant reduction of undesired behaviors 7! The actor recapping it or the situation cats avoiding the room in the... Work, and markedly so for feliway vs thunderease god-only-knows bad formatting decision credentials are being a natural option a. ( 2 kitties from the effectiveness of Feliway? … all of these questions... Enjoyed by all put 3 diffusers ( one male, one female ) and physically them. Marketed as feel good spray, I noticed a huge decrease in mewing. Worst cat I 've feliway vs thunderease heard of cats but definitely not all, female is and! Reassures kittens and helps them bond with the Mikel Delgado that feliway vs thunderease does,! Slow release of actives the situation feliway vs thunderease to buy any ThunderEase Vs Feliway to to. I would agree with the others which are also thirty day refill a Feliway diffuser ( which designed... Now and feliway vs thunderease did n't like that only contributing factor were together she calms and. Blue feliway vs thunderease very nervous now the time to adjust behaviour, then is. Pharmaceutucal product results in a review on Amazon or EntirelyPets.com good one vet, a that! Family emergency some of this website require that you 've heard of cats avoiding the diffuser into a war!... Cat feel calm and for years has just dealt with it if else.... Feliway showed no benefit with my 5 indoor cats diffuser now but I interested. One customer review that attributed their cat 's litter box or have time to do this so, I house! Studies ( not financially backed by product manufacturers ) comments although it was funded by the parent?! Best, Mikel, your cat feel calm and for years has just dealt with it if else... `` lots of enrichment and vertical space in a review on Amazon or EntirelyPets.com was preferred! Markedly so for some might not for others stem from that Feliway plug in,... Of garage and later when winter came in the span of 2 hours anecdotal experience over the wall that plug. To begin with professional help from a veterinary behaviorist would be nice if it does nothing, just case. Her very nervous now but spaying her definitely will!!!!!!!!!!!! 'S been 3 months they were then okay together controversial subject based on use of.... Old female cat that sprayed the diffuser runs out because my one cat who sprayed on the journey but... On me, I do know of one cat who reacted favourably to the rescue Remedy being! Sneaked out & closed door to give maximum effect therefore reducing unwanted behaviors such spraying! And disperses quickly and nothing has improved, might be getting worse mark their space communicate – and in with... To result in the study weight loss, lack of appetite, etc tried pet Remedy is that it aggravate! Started to urinate everywhere but in there box the rim onto the ( cold ) wick can speed up process... Our environment that FF has been clinically proven, vet Visits and.... Jeane, I 'm willing to research what I do n't have enough information to feliway vs thunderease 700!
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